Giving Thanks, Radical Acceptance and Gathering Together


photo by Joanna Pinneo

As we all start thinking about getting ready for Thanksgiving, we thought we’d share The New York Times’ excellent advice for the holiday:

“The first rule of Thanksgiving and your best guide to happiness in the coming days and weeks: radical acceptance. Thanksgiving is coming and you know what will happen, one way or another, when the door swings open and Aunt Hildy glides in on a cloud of mall perfume. This year, embrace it with a full heart and open arms.”


photo by Joanna Pinneo

There’s a lot more good advice in their post, enjoy it.

At LandVest, the family dynamics around the Thanksgiving table are echoed every day in our work. We relish the opportunity to help families navigate change: some exciting, some difficult, all important.

On a lighter note, in the next few days, we’ll share with you some of our favorite places to gather for the holidays. Here are a couple to start:


The Ark, in Harvard, Massachusetts, has both the easy access, bucolic setting and Colonial provenance for Thanksgiving. And it has an amazing Great Room (a converted tobacco barn) for gathering everyone you love.

Want to make a great escape out of Thanksgiving? How about Wikiosco, where everyone can stay over in comfort and go for long walks, kicking up leaves, down the quiet roads of off-season Lake George.

Stay tuned for more great places to gather for the holidays (here are our suggestions from last year,
just to get you started: great dining rooms and great places for a country Thanksgiving.)