Vermont, It’s Not Just About the Countryside: 36 Hours in Burlington

We love the red barns and green mountains, but we also love the terrific restaurants, great music scene and engaging urban culture of Burlington, Vermont. When others recognize all our great little city has to offer it’s always nice!

The New York Times did one of their “36 Hours” series on Burlington, highlighting some of the hidden and better known gems of our wonderful city, from Hen of the Wood to creemees, baseball and brewery tours.
So, don’t take just it from us…

Thinking of spending more than 36 hours in Burlington? Here are a few of our listings just minutes from Burlington.


Pheasant Hill, Shelburne, VT


Ordway Shore, Shelburne, VT


Eastlake Condo, Shelburne, VT


Sanctuary Lane, Charlotte, VT

Monarch Lane, Shelburne,VT

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