Color, Emotion and Marketability: How the Right Color Can Make your House Sell Faster and for a Higher Price

LandVest can harness a fantastic team of experts to increase the marketability of your property.

One such expert is Kimberly Collins Jermain, an architectural color designer who uses a mix of science, intuition and brilliant interpersonal skills to help her clients use color to make their houses more comfortable, visually pleasing and salable.

This month, in a training session for LandVest’s brokers, she explained how her fundamental principles of color can help make a house look great:

“Color is the most powerful visual cue. When used in a strategy to shape a home’s architecture for light, comfort and design, it can significantly impact the homeowner and potential buyer’s satisfaction and confidence in the purchase.”


From White to Warm


White can be great, or not.
A washed out colonial revival home gets a warm, in town presence.


“A custom tailored exterior palate will accentuate your home’s architecture as well as the site’s best features. The front facade can be painted to re-awaken its former elegance or a barn given new prominence in the landscape.”


From Dreary to Bright

Before After

Here, white makes for a more sculptured form and an elegant Nantucket/Edgartown look.


“No color theory technique is more impactful than camouflage. Get rid of awkward design elements and utility features by allowing them to melt into the background.”


Hiding in Plain Sight – Sometimes Camouflage is the Way to Go!


Painting the shed red de-emphasizes the pink roof
which now reads like the gray of a vernacular barn.


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