Brilliance in our Backyard. Woods Hole is One Smart Town.

Docked boats, Woods Hole, Cape Cod, Massachusetts late afternoon in autumn, September 2012.(Photo credit: “The 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2014”

Woods Hole has to be one of the brightest corners of Cape Cod. This former fishing village and whaling station has transformed into a world capital of marine, biomedical, and environmental science. A place where PhDs are a dime a dozen and the smartest people on earth make pilgrimages in hope of new discoveries. Amongst their ranks is the recent Nobel Prize winner, Eric Betzig.
In an interview with the Boston Globe, Betzig said that, “his trips to the nonprofit research institution in Woods Hole have been essential in making sure his technology is not just a technical feat, but also useful for people studying biology,” and that the, “next time he has a “bleeding edge” technology that he would like to be vetted and tested, he will be back to the Cape.”

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