The Adirondacks in Fall is Magical

As fall brings its annual riot of color to the Adirondacks, Brandon, the Ross family’s 28,120-acre preserve in the very heart of the Adirondack Park is particularly stunning as evidenced by the recent video which captures some amazing aerial footage of the property at the peak of fall foliage.

Brandon epitomizes one of the classic Adirondack “Parks” established in the early 1900s by the nation’s successful industrialists. Originally part of William Rockefeller’s Bay Pond Estate, Brandon was acquired by the Ross family of Delaware in 1939. The family set a high bar for stewardship of both land and water resources since the inception. Today, the property tastefully incorporates everything necessary for a wilderness recreation experience with all the accoutrements of the modern age.

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Brandon is not only stunning in size, but in its diversity of character which ranges from well-stocked and managed timberlands, a world class brook trout fishery, well-appointed residences, spectacular water bodies, sugar bush, and a variety of recreation opportunities. Close to the Adirondack Airport, the Olympic, Tri-lakes and High Peaks regions, this property is truly a unique and rare offering LandVest proudly represents.

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