LandVest Stands Out by Going Over and Above

Manchester Harbor as seen from above


Does your real estate broker travel to the ends of the earth for you?

LandVest brokers are truly hands-on and provide a top-notch service. High quality photography is extremely important when selling real estate, especially with digital media where the “first showing” is often on-line and buyers can inspect an array of photographs quickly and make snap judgments based on a few images. With the help of professional photographers, our brokers are able to capture incredible images of properties and this often involves either renting a bucket truck or heading out in a helicopter.

Terry Boyle oversees aerial photo shoots on the South Shore and Rhode Island and has been able to capture amazing images of magnificent properties.E5425258-8B08-45EC-8AA7-6D8496648A09

Lanse Robb and photographer Greg Premru at Beverly airport

ready to take flight.

“Being able to shoot from a helicopter is really important for some of the signature waterfront listings we handle. The fact that you have that stable platform and can perfectly frame the shot can really make a huge difference in telling the complete story of the property.”

— Terry Boyle

Terry Boyle enjoys a bird’s eye view of South Coast listings

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