Patagonia Sur – Paradise in Pictures

We thought you all might enjoy these photos from Chilean Patagonia, where a client is visiting our Patagonia Sur properties.

Patagonia Sur helped pioneer a form of conservation easement in Chile, buying and conserving eight best in class ecosystems which we are helping them re-sell.

Chilean Patagonia was extensively burned for cattle ranching in the middle of the 20th century.  Patagonia Sur has been a leader in reforestation, selling carbon offsets and planting trees.  If you travel to your college reunion, you might be helping plant a tree in Valle California.

IMG_6835A IMG_6847A
IMG_6850A IMG_6844A

These are amazing places, and one of the few remaining largely unspoiled on earth available for purchase in large scale.  For a life-altering experience, visit.

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