Restoring Nature’s Beauty in Brookline, MA

DesignNE copyOn the wonderful three-plus-acres of 88 Cottage Street, Brookline , a brook runs through to a natural pond,  recently restored and featured in Design New England’s March/April 2014 edition.

The article, titled “Back to Nature,” by Bruce Irving, explores how the owner, a talented landscape team, and the Brookline Conservation Commission brought back the property’s serene beauty.

AA The homeowner of 88 Cottage Street, Brookline, who has loved the brook since she was a child, worked with landscape architects of Howard Garden Designs, excavation contractors of Downing Northeast, consulting ecologists and arborists of Hartney Greymont and Brookline’s Conservation Commission toward a sensitive renewal of the quiet oasis in the middle of busy Greater Boston.

Native water plants such as pickerel weed, cattails, and sweet flag were bought in, and were soon joined by local volunteer plants to form a vibrant wetland community.

Read the article here, and enjoy the charming accompanying photographs.

For more information about 88 Cottage Street, please visit the property website.

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