March is Maple Month!

Maple Trees at Hottle Fahey Forest in Hinsdale, MA – for sale

March is Maple Month! And as winter is slowly but surely saying goodbye, Massachusetts farmers and residents honor a New England tradition by setting up taps and buckets in sugar maple trees to collect the sap and boil it down to pure maple syrup.

Gaining Ground, a non profit organization based in Concord, Massachusetts, that grows organic produce for hunger relief, takes advantage of this spring tradition and asks local residents if they can tap their maple trees. They then collect the sap and create their own maple syrup which they distribute to those in need along with their locally grown produce.
Sugar houses around Massachusetts are open and ready for visitors to share in the joy of the first signs of spring. Take time to enjoy the fresh syrup over a hot sweet waffle, or just appreciate the process. There are over 60 sugarhouses in Massachusetts. For a list of Massachusetts sugar houses and sugarhouse restaurants, click here.
Monument Street, Concord, Sugar Maple Tap


11 Wood Street, Concord MA



93 Monument Street, Concord  MA