Lanse Robb Closes Two More High-End “Private Listings” on the North Shore

2014 is off to a great start in luxury real estate as Robb closes the highest sale yet this year in Hamilton at 641 Bay Road for $2,537,500 and 12 Smith’s Point the highest waterfront sale on the North Shore at $3,800,000.

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Robb is often called upon to market listings privately either because the seller is a public figure or for his expertise in sensitive family real estate matters. Robb is also frequently tasked with finding properties that are not on the market yet, as was the case in the recent private sales mentioned above.

To see how he does it, see his most recent interview in North Shore Magazine.Northshore1

Lanse Robb is top Broker on Boston’s North Shore for 2013, again. Since 1992, one thing remains constant in luxury real estate on the North Shore, Lanse Robb remains on top.

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