LandVest Consulting Cited in Book, “The Business of Open Space: What’s Next?”

steveLandVest’s Consulting Group is cited in Stephen J. Small’s groundbreaking new book  “The Business of Open Space: What’s Next?”

Steve Small is recognized as the nation’s leading authority on private land protection options and strategies. He has been counsel to landowners and easement holders in more than 400 transactions around the country and has been involved in the protection of more than 1.5 million acres of land. His book “Preserving Family Lands” is one of the key resources for promoting land conservation throughout the US.

stephen Small book

In his new book Small states that the business of open space has been fueled largely by philanthropy and government funding. “Land has historically has been valued by how much development it could support. It is time to move beyond the traditional methods for valuing and protecting open space. We need to value land in new and dynamic ways.” Small lays out an agenda to expand the business of saving open space. He advocates the creation of new marketplaces that set values on environmental commodities, reaching out to non-traditional landowners, such as corporations and educational institutions, to create new pools of funding and leverage acquisition dollars.

LandVest is cited as one of the few consulting companies that is already working with landowners and conservation interests to value environmental assets, including wind, solar, and carbon credits.

LandVest’s Natural Capital Assessment was specifically created to consider non-traditional assets that contribute to property values. It exemplifies our continued effort to help landowners make creative and informed decisions about their property.

Click here for an example of a LandVest Energy and Environmental Asset project marketing Solar lease opportunities.

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