J.Stanley Edwards Joins LandVest Boston Brokerage Team

LandVest is pleased to welcome J. Stanley Edwards to our Boston brokerage team. Here is her first blog:


“Why LandVest?  Why Now?”

My friends who’ve known me during my 17 years with one of the world’s largest technology companies don’t ask, they know already.  They’d see me after I’d spent a weekend photographing properties for LandVest (which I’ve been doing since 2002) looking completely happy and satisfied.  They’d patiently listen when I regaled them with details of property transactions in Metro West, revealing that I blissfully tracked listings and sales just for fun.

They ask, “Why did it take you so long to figure it out?”

I did know that I wanted to identify Stanley.next.   I knew I needed to “connect” with beauty and with people.   I learned that my five leading strengths (as defined by Gallup’s Strength Finder Test ) all fall within “relationship building”.  My successes at IBM were, as I look back, all about relationship building.  At LandVest, relationship building is not just a virtue; it is essential.   At both firms, the commitment to the client, excellent project management skills, clear communication, and adept problem-solving are critical.

The good news about being a little slow to figure it out is that,  in over twelve years of photographing properties for LandVest, I’ve gotten to know the team (which is amazing) and its way of doing business (really professional, really committed to client relationships).  I’ve also learned that LandVest is full of alumni of IBM, Wellington, Arthur D. Little, and the like.  Guess I’m just the latest to figure it out.

Gallup asks this question, “Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?”  My answer is a resounding,  “YES!”

River RoadC

Stanley will be working with our Greater Boston brokerage team on properties in Metro West
and equestrian properties, as well as assisting our Woodstock, Vermont team.
To contact Stanley, call 617-293-8209 or email jsedwards@landvest.com or follow her on Facebook
where she is posting great photos and updates on LandVest properties.