LandVest Forester is Featured
in ForesTech Resource Solutions


Emma Schultz, a forester in LandVest’s Clayton Lake, Maine office was recently featured in the January issue of ForesTech Resource Solutions.  It’s no surprise to all who have seen Emma’s keen forestry skills in action that she was chosen as the “Featured Forester”, however, some may not know that she has a few top-notch recipes up her sleeve! Emma has been with LandVest for 1 year and works with a team of LV foresters responsible for overseeing nearly 700,000 acres in Northern Maine.  Emma is just one of 37 LandVest management foresters across the northeast who strive for excellence and whose efforts result in award winning forestry achievements.  Can you tell we are very proud of the LandVest forestry team?  Congrats to Emma for a job well done!