Smart Moves: Homes Near New England’s Best Schools – Live and Learn

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New England is known as a global center for education. Not surprisingly, the education economy drives the real estate market as well. World-renowned prep schools, colleges and universities attract employees, students, parents who want to stay near their kids, and residents seeking a vibrant community. The Wall Street Journal recently explored this topic in “Lessons Learned about School Proximity”,

“International buyers are drawn to New England for its natural beauty, quality of life, and many educational options.”

LandVest’s Ruth Kennedy Sudduth, Director of Residential Brokerage, was interviewed by the Journal, “We frequently see parents purchasing property to be nearer to their children, some were purchased as second homes, other as primary homes. Academic institutions foster great communities, where there’s much to offer to both parents and children. They get to stay close as a family, while enjoying wonderful places to live.”

Below you will find links to New England States that feature LandVest properties in close proximity to excellent schools:

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