LandVest, Christie’s Partner with Peabody Essex Museum to Host
“Art and the Emerging Markets”

Emerging Markets- Art and the Global Economy
LandVest’s Lanse Robb and Andesite’s Hamilton Mehlman: PEM Corporate Partners; Heather Robb
and new president of Babson College Kerry Healey
at the PEM

LandVest’s Lanse Robb was honored to join his Peabody Essex Museum Corporate Partners in hosting an evening of expert discussion to an informed audience of collectors, sponsors and leaders in the Greater Boston community.  The 300 year old New England history of global trade, embodied in the collections at the PEM formed a launching place for a spirited exploration of the art market and economy by Karina Corrigan, H.A. Crosby Curator of Asian Export Art and Paul Provost, Deputy Chairman at Christie’s.  Karina led off with a discussion of the 17th C. trade between Holland and Asia.  Then Paul walked his audience through the dynamics underpinning the recovery in the global art market since the 1998 recession.  In a candid assessment of demand from the emerging markets, he highlighted the global demand for luxury goods such as wine, watches and jewelry and for “branded” art, noting that a Picasso was as much a stamp of arrival in a high rise in China as it was in a L’Hotel Particulier in Paris, or a walled villa in Mumbai.  Beyond the global brands, demand for art has distinct regional preferences, with jade in particular demand in Hong Kong and American Paintings in the USA. Contemporary art crosses all borders and is one of the hottest areas in the market .  He noted the global travel of  art:  a piece originating in Europe is often sold in New York to a buyer from Russia;  that same piece might then be re-auctioned in London to a buyer from India and hung on the wall of an apartment in New York.

Emerging Markets- Art and the Global Economy
Karina Corrigan of the PEM and Paul Provost, Christie’s Deputy Chairman explain the Global Art Business Cycle

Christie’s has moved into a dominant role as global auctioneer, taking a majority share of the major art auction market globally in the last five years.  LandVest is proud to be exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, bringing great New England properties to the global marketplace since 1968.   For more information on how LandVest’s combination of New England roots and global reach with our Christie’s partnership can help you, contact Ruth Kennedy Sudduth .  For more information on Christie’s peerless advice to owners and purchasers of fine art and collectibles, contact Betsy Chapin (, Christie’s Managing Director – New England Region
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