Chilean Patagonia from a Russian/
New Yorker’s Perspective

“Upon returning from a long trip, if you feel the desire to be better, smarter, leaner, quit smoking and lead a sedentary lifestyle, start going to the gym regularly and engage in foreign languages, then the trip was a success. But if you feel a headlong rush to start a whole new life, which includes all of the above plus much more, then you’re back from Patagonia, the most incredible place on Earth.”

Check out a wonderful article about Patagonia Sur written for Elegant New York a website targeting affluent Russians interested in New York City.

You will want to hit “google translate” to read Tatyana Borodina’s very charming account of her trip, a similar itinerary to Residential Brokerage Division head, Ruth Kennedy Sudduth’s recent trip.  Read our Patagonia blogs here.

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