Christie’s and LandVest Expand
Their Global Reach


  • Christie’s auction house has announced that they will expand their global reach to Shanghai, where they have been granted a license to become the first international auction house to operate independently in China. As per the New York Times, “China has overtaken the United States as the world’s largest art and auction market.” 4;
  • LandVest has long enjoyed, throughout New England, an exclusive affiliated relationship with the international real estate division of Christie’s. LandVest and Christie’s have worked hand-in-hand to engage with clients throughout the world. Now that reach will become well established in China.
  • This blog is brought to you by Mary-Elisabeth Jones, an award winning sales agent of distinctive properties at LandVest. She takes a customized approach to addressing her clients’ real estate needs. With an established network in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, Mary-Beth is poised to meet international buyers’ specific needs be they for family use, student use, or investment purposes.
  • Her work at LandVest is distinguished by a hands on approach to project management and client communication. Particular areas of expertise include pinpointing properties that will meet buyers’ specific needs via a thorough and highly defined search process. She possesses a deep knowledge of current design and lifestyle market trends and has her finger on the pulse of the property features that motivate current buyers. Facilitating closings is a proven strength.


For more information on how LandVest’s global Christie’s affiliation can be helpful to  you, please contact Mary-Elisabeth Jones or Ruth Kennedy Sudduth, Director Residential Brokerage Division.