Top Five Reasons to Live on Cape Cod
in the Winter


Cape Cod is well known as a summer playground, but I like it best in the off-season, especially in the winter. Whether you are thinking about a weekend or full-time retreat, here are my top 5 reasons for living on Cape Cod in the winter:

Polar Bear Club, Cape Cod Chapter

No jumping into icy waters
for this guy!

Peaceful solitude on a winter's day

1. Obviously winter on Cape Cod is the least crowded season and that means no traffic, no lines, and often no parking fees at popular beaches

2. More important to me than the convenience afforded by the lack of crowds is the peaceful and often awe-inspiring feeling of walking the outer beaches of the National Seashore, completely alone, with nothing between you and Europe but the Atlantic ocean.

3. I like the stark palette of Cape Cod in the winter, from the steely gray ocean on a stormy day to the blinding sparkle on ice and snow on a sandy beach.

4. For foodies, winter on Cape Cod is the season for oysters and scallops. Whether you enjoy foraging for yourself and relying on a local seafood market or chef, there is nothing like a Wellfleet or Cotuit oyster fresh from the sea.

5. On Cape Cod off-season doesn’t mean shut down. From Provincetown art galleries to the Woods Hole Film Festival, there are cultural activities throughout the winter. Cape Cod hotels and inns offer a wide variety of special events for visitors and residents alike. Check this blog from the Woods Hole Inn. I think it captures the essence of Cape Cod in winter.


LandvestThis post was brought to you by Stewart Young who enjoys the wonders of Cape winter living in the Woods Hole area. Since 2002 he has served as LandVest’s Regional Manager for Cape Cod, marketing special properties from Bourne to Provincetown. Stewart would be delighted to assist you should you be interested in buying or selling real estate on Cape Cod.  View current Cape Cod Real Estate or contact Stewart for more information on  private listings or properties that may be coming on the market in the spring.