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It’s hard to imagine on a cold November day in the US and Europe that it is springtime in Patagonia. Flowers are blooming, the trees have leafed out, the snow is melting in the high Andes sending torrents of cold, clear water down into the valleys. The trout are rising and the days are getting longer. The ranch land is verdant, and new life is all around — baby sheep and foals doze in the spring sunshine in the valleys, and the birds are singing in the trees overhead.

Sound like a welcome break from the upcoming winter here?

Join us in Chilean Patagonia during the loveliest time of the year. The Patagonia Sur Reserves runs special customized trips for a limited number of visitors during the spring and summer months of November through April. Whether it’s riding with the gauchos, fly fishing in the most beautiful, clear water on the planet, hiking in the glaciers or watching the blue whales along the coast, Patagonia Sur Reserves can design the trip of your dreams

Plus, because the time change is minimal, and there’s excellent access from major US airports, you can leave your office at the end of the day and be fly-fishing or riding by lunchtime the next day. More information on these incredible adventures in Patagonia can be found on

Make sure to mention you are a friend of Landvest and you’ll receive 10% off the standard rates. And if you decide to purchase a property after your visit, we’ll deduct the price of your stay with the Patagonia Sur Reserves from the purchase price.

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