Paul Rezendes Photography
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One of the most accomplished photographers in New England, Paul Rezendes, is now providing photography for specific LandVest exclusively listed properties. Mr. Rezendes is the author of Tracking and the Art of Seeing, The Wild Within: Adventures in Nature and Animal Teachings, as well as the acclaimed Wetlands: The Web of Life. Rezendes has a unique ability to capture images of nature and the built environment that provide the viewer with an extraordinary depiction of the properties he is photographing.

Plimpton Meadows

LandVest’s web site receives on average around 4 million hits per month as one of the most viewed locations for luxury and unique properties. It is important to LandVest and our clients that we offer the finest professional photography available to capture the uniqueness of each listing. In this manner, potential buyers can best appreciate a unique setting or feature that is of interest to them. Paul has recently taken the photos for the 320 acre Plimpton Meadows property in Sturbridge and Brookfield, MA. His photographs illustrate the locally significant forest resource that has been in the same family since the early 1800’s. The land is a former farm that has evolved into a wonderful forest with a sandy esker running from north to south through the property. Two small ponds are located along the base of this esker along the east side of the property.

Mr. Rezendes and his wife Paulette Roy live in Athol, Mass and travel around the country taking photos under contract for a variety of publications and clients. His fine art photographs have appeared in thousands of publications over the past 30 years. To see more of his photography check out his web site at