New LandVest Team Helps Clients Realize Value from Renewable Energy and Other Environmental Assets

LandVest’s Real Estate Consulting Division is pleased to introduce the newly formed Energy and Environmental Asset Group.  The EEAG group utilizes new methods of identifying value opportunities for landowners and investors by analyzing and quantifying environmental markets that can yield new sources of revenue.

“Renewable energy markets and rapidly growing environmental asset markets are providing new investment opportunities and sources of returns,” says David Rosen, Managing Director, LandVest, Inc. “Whereas traditional zoning-based development options, timber management, or conservation easements once were the primary means for our clients to obtain value from land,” he says, “these emerging markets, including wind, solar, wetland and habitat mitigation banking, water quality and quantity trading, and carbon markets can increasingly provide alternative means of realizing value.”

LandVest projects these markets to grow so rapidly that Rosen says the Boston-based firm has created the Energy and Environmental Asset Group (EEAG) to explore and develop consulting, management, and brokerage services for LandVest clients.

“For over 40 years LandVest has provided advisory services related to land valuation, development options, timber management and conservation easements,” says Rosen. “We are seeing new opportunities for financial returns in the embedded environmental values that have long been ignored or undervalued.”

Slater Anderson and Keith Ross, both long-time Senior Advisors in LandVest’s Real Estate Consulting Group, have been named to direct the EEAG from LandVest’s Boston office. Jan Wirth has joined LandVest as a full-time Project Manager within the EEAG.  Sandy Olney provides project management services as well.

LandVest’s EEAG is currently preparing to market a solar energy site in Massachusetts and is advising renewable energy investors in several states on their land use options and the value implications of various alternatives.

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