LandVest Selected as America’s
Best Brokerage Firm


LandVest is pleased to once again earn its place at the top of the America’s Best Brokerages list. The Editors of The LandReport (the Magazine of the American Landowners) conducted their third annual survey and for the third year in a row, selected LandVest to top the list. LandVest has a long history of serving America’s top landowners in assisting with land and timberland transactions, valuation and timberland management nationwide.

The LandVest Timberland Transaction Management Group led the industry in 2012 in broker managed transactions. LandVest continues to be the only timberland marketing firm operating in every timberland investment region of the U.S.. Key projects such as the $162.5 million sale of the Olympic Tree Farm in Washington state, 76,000 acres in Florida and an 81,000 acre portfolio in Texas, Tennessee & Pennsylvania underscore LandVest’s leadership position as the most effective transaction management group in major timberland deals.  LandVest has a full portfolio of land-related services, from forest management, assisting land owners in the stewardship of their land assets, land planning, development and conservation analysis, appraisal and transactions.  LandVest has a deep understanding of land, our nation’s most prized possession.

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Warrens Gore Timberlands

3521 acres

Northeast Kingdom, Vermont



Blue Rock Timberlands

28,000 acres

Southern-Central Virginia



Robinson Peak

6730 acres

Riley Township, ME



Patagonia Sur Portfolio

Multiple Parcels 137 to 39,682 acres